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On June 10, 2017, at the “Astana Arena” stadium, the “Sport Complex “Dostyk” SMMO held an excursion and competitions in futsal and table tennis among the children of “Akkol children’s home #1 for orphans and children left without parental care” MI, “Children’s home #2 for orphans and children with disabilities left without parental care” SI of Uryupinka village, Akkol district, and “Svetoch” orphanage of Malotimofeyevka village, Tselinograd district.
60 children from orphanages came to the capital city early morning for a “sports weekend”. They were welcomed by the staff of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana and escorted to the main stadium of the city – “Astana Arena”.
This event is held annually and called “Day of Open Doors”. This year, the task was set to completely change the format of the event and increase its scale. After the previous years’ experience was analyzed, a new plan was developed. Then we decided to turn to the “Best for Kids” Fund and “Alau” Ice Palace, who provided support with great enthusiasm.
The kids were already familiar with our stadium: they often take part in different competitions and play on our field. That is why we deemed necessary to surprise them – they visited our central presidential skybox and the restaurant. They were curious to learn more about the preparation for matches and the high-quality work of the personnel working on the field, operational control, IT department, administrative supply department, marketing, security, etc. By the way, the “Astana” FC fan club “12th Player” also came to support the young football players; who knows, maybe in the future they will become famous. After the competition, all the children were taken to the “Alau” Ice Palace for rollerblading and skating, and after that our young friends had lunch in the “Khan Kerey” restaurant where we had to say goodbye to them.

In conclusion, we would like to mention that such events show how open and accessible our stadiums are for people. Work in this direction will continue. We would appreciate your opinion, wishes and suggestions that you can send us directly through vk.com or by e-mail astana_skdostik@mail.ru.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the “Best for Kids” Public Fund and namely President Saya Kakim and coordinator Aygerim Karbayeva, the management of the “Alau” Ice Palace, namely Director Sauyrbay Kolibayevich Yeszhanov, “Astana” FC fan club “12th Player” and the Chairman of the Administrative Police Committee Igor Vladimirovich Lepeha for the assistance they provided.

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