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“Okzhetpes” lost to Almaty “Kairat”

«Okzhetpes» — «Kairat» 2:3 (1:0)
Goals: Strukov 29 (1:0), Strukov 68 (2:0), Arshavin 74 (2:1), Issael 75 (2:2), Turysbek 79 (2:3)
Cautions: Fedin 44 — Zhukov 42
«Okzhetpes»: Stamenkovich (c), Chertov, Eone, Politylo, Horvat, Strukov (Kozlov 86), Fedin (Dosmagambetov 69), Kuksin, Yurin, Marochkin (Dairov 64), Shaff
Reserve: Golubnichy, Genkov, Slambekov, Nedashkovsky, Ayaganov, Abylgazy
«Kairat»: Plotnikov, Issael, Arshavin (c), Gou, Illichevich (Turysbek 57), Elek, Vorogovsky, Akhmetov, Suyumbaev, Zhukov (Baltabayev 90+3), Bakaev
Reserve: Grubov, Anene, Kuantaev, Kassym, Abiken
Referees: Kumashev, Aubakirov, Navrotsky (all — Astana)
14 May. Astana. «Astana Arena» Stadion. 500 viewers.

The match of the 12th round of Kazakhstan’s Premier League between “Okzhetpes” and “Kairat” took place in Astana.

It is not the first time, when Kokshetau players play a game in “Astana Arena”, as the home stadium is not available.

The meeting begun with great pressure from Almaty players. Such tactics yielded fruit from the very first minutes of the match: current team captain, Andrey Arshavin, having entered the guests’ penalty area, stroke on seemingly empty gates of the owners, but Stamenkovich reacted perfectly.

Further, Jan Vorogovsky gave a pass to Ivo Illichevich in the same penalty area. Horvat skipped a beat and this time the stroke was caught by the “Okzhetpes” goalkeeper.

The old rule “Score or you will be scored” played a low-down trick with Almaty team. On the 29th minute, after the pass from the flank, Sergey Strukov kicked a ball into the net — 1:0.

The missed goal in no way upset “Kairat” players. Almaty players kept putting even more pressure on the gates of blue T-shirts football players. Ivo Illichevich had a perfect moment, when he kicked the ball from penalty area into Tonkovich’s gates — the ball flew perilously closely to the goalpost.

The second half of the game started with Issael’s moment. The Brazilian received a point pass inside the penalty area, where a halfback kicked the ball at the first stroke, but the ball flied above.

By 64th minute, the owners increased an advantage: Sergey Strukov bagged a brace. This goal, undoubtedly, made “Kairat” players upset, though in no way it threw them off the game.

Ten minutes after, Andrey Arshavin used an oversight of Okzhetpes defense and brought down the score. Less than a minute later, Issael received a ball in the guests’ penalty area and scores a goal to the empty net of Stamenkovich — 2:2 displayed on the board.

The game course changes fundamentally. Almaty players managed to move forward just in incomplete 5 minutes. Bauyrzhan Turysbek receives a ball after centering by Issael and sends it towards the gate at the first stroke — 2:3.

Kokshetau players in no way expected such a turn of the game. Three rapid goals completely switched them off the game, and Almaty players finish the match without any problems and win the incredible match.

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History The stadium was opened on June 3, 2009. That day during the first match in the history of the stadium, “Locomotive” (Astana club) played against the youth team of Kazakhstan. Pierluigi Collina, famous Italian referee, judged the match. Nursultan Nazarbaev, the President of Kazakhstan, made the first symbolic kick of the ball under his whistle.