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“Shakhtar” was defeated by “Kaisar”

On March 18, 2017 within 3rd tour of Premier – League the FC “Shakhter” played against “Kaisar” on the stadium “Astana Arena”.
First time began quietly, at the first 10 minutes searched for breaches in the competitor’s defense. And from the 10 minute “Kaisar” decided to replicate the initiative into their own hands, that was quietly good. “Shakhter” protected its defense, creating the moments on counterattacks. On the 22nd minute “Shakhter” in attack, Štefan Zošák with ball tried to find breaches in defense of “Kaissar”, but Maksat Baizhanov midfielder of “Kaisar” violate a rule, and midfielder of “Shakhter” Mark Stanoyevich was mistaken on the standard drawing and in the quick counterattack “Kaisar” run to the gates of “Shakhter”. Midfielder Mathias Coureur with ball on the right flank quickly passed to the Maksat Baizhanov, the 7th number of “Kaisar” immediately passes the penalty to Volodimir Arzhanov and Volodimir re-played two midfielders set the ball into the gates of “Shakhter”.
Second time passed without problems, teams created some dangerous moments. But the score was 1:0. And the third victory of “Kaisar” on the season and took the first place with 9 points, and “Shakhter” placed on the 11 place with 1 points.

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History The stadium was opened on June 3, 2009. That day during the first match in the history of the stadium, “Locomotive” (Astana club) played against the youth team of Kazakhstan. Pierluigi Collina, famous Italian referee, judged the match. Nursultan Nazarbaev, the President of Kazakhstan, made the first symbolic kick of the ball under his whistle.